Pleasant View Baptist Church of Tucson Arizona is a mission hearted church, and following the Lord's direction, our goal is to carry out the Great Commission to the best of our ability with the resources that God gives us. Our missionaries that we help support at this time are.

Brother John O'Brien and Family  - Serving in the Ukraine

Brother Luther Quintana and Family  - Serving in Eastern Arizona

Brother Bill and Sister Doris Stewart Serving in Evangelistic Tent Ministry

Bro Duane and Sister Melissa Moore - Serving in Missionary Evangelism

Fellowship Tract League --Tract Printing Ministry Lebanon, OH.

Brother Randy and Sister Anna Rhodes -- Gila Christian Ranch Silver City, NM.

Dr. Larry and Sister Norma Raynes --Evangelism

Bro. Matthew Patenaude and Family -- Serving in Asian Ministry

Bro. Ron and Sister Pat Draper --International Board Of Jewish Missions

Micah and Jillian Dorr --- Serving in Sonora Mexico

Bro. Frank and Pam Raddish -- Serving in Washington, DC

Bro. Caleb Benson and Family -- To West Africa

Bro. Roger Tooley and Family -- England

Bro. Bobby Goins Family --- Hispanic Church Planters in Arizona

Our desire is to be able to help others carry the gospel of Jesus Christ into the regions beyond as God directs and provides. 
                                                           Missionary Pastor Bill Howard

Unless you, as a missionary, are well known to the pastor or church, you will be asked to complete this questionnaire and return it by mail for consideration.

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